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Monuments reported by ancient authors (11)

Ancient altars

Altar of Zeus, God of Freedom

PLATEES (Ancient city) VIOTIA
Not far from the common tomb of the Greeks is an altar of Zeus, God of Freedom.

Ancient oracles

Eutrisian Apollo of Galaxion

Oracle of Eutresis, between Thespiae and Plataea, in the neighbourhood of Leuctra. (Steph. Byz. s. v. Eutresis: Schol. ad Il. ii. 502.)

Oracle of the Nymphs Sphragitides

(Plut. Aristid. 11; Pausan. ix. 3, § 9).

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Athena Warlike

PLATEES (Ancient city) VIOTIA
The Plataeans have also a sanctuary of Athena surnamed Warlike; it was built from the spoils given them by the Athenians as their share from the battle of Marathon. It is a wooden image gilded, but the face, hands and feet are of Pentelic marble. In size it is but little smaller than the bronze Athena on the Acropolis, the one which the Athenians also erected as first-fruits of the battle at Marathon; the Plataeans too had Pheidias for the maker of their image of Athena. In the temple are paintings: one of them, by Polygnotus, represents Odysseus after he has killed the wooers; the other, painted by Onasias, is the former expedition of the Argives, under Adrastus, against Thebes. These paintings are on the walls of the fore-temple, while at the feet of the image is a portrait of Arimnestus, who commanded the Plataeans at the battle against Mardonius, and yet before that at Marathon.

Sanctuary of Demeter Eleusinian

There is also at Plataea a sanctuary of Demeter, surnamed Eleusinian.

Ancient temples

Temple of Hera Full-grown

There is at Plataea a temple of Hera, worth seeing for its size and for the beauty of its images. On entering you see Rhea carrying to Cronus the stone wrapped in swaddling clothes, as though it were the babe to which she had given birth. The Hera they call Full-grown; it is an upright image of huge size. Both figures are of Pentelic marble, and the artist was Praxiteles. Here too is another image of Hera; it is seated, and was made by Callimachus. The goddess they call the Bride.

Ancient tombs

Tomb of those who died at the Battle of Platea

Roughly at the entrance into Plataea are the graves of those who fought against the Persians. Of the Greeks generally there is a common tomb, but the Lacedaemonians and Athenians who fell have separate graves, on which are written elegiac verses by Simonides.

The tomb of Leitus

Son of Alector, in the Argo, suitor of Helen, leads Boeotians to Troy, brings back bones of Arcesilaus to Lebadea, his tomb.



Of Platea

Advancing in the city itself from the altar and the image which have been made to Zeus of Freedom, you come to a hero-shrine of Plataea.


Trophy for the battle of Plataea

The trophy which the Greeks set up for the battle at Plataea stands about fifteen stades from the city.

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