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Monuments reported by ancient authors (4)

Ancient tombs

The grave of Themistocles

Even up to my time there were docks there, and near the largest harbor is the grave of Themistocles. For it is said that the Athenians repented of their treatment of Themistocles, and that his relations took up his bones and brought them from Magnesia.

Ancient statues

Statues of Zeus and Demos

Behind the portico near the sea stand a Zeus and a Demos, the work of Leochares.

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Aphrodite

And by the sea Conon built a sanctuary of Aphrodite, after he had crushed the Lacedaemonian warships off Cnidus in the Carian peninsula.

Precinct of Athena and Zeus

The most noteworthy sight in the Peiraeus is a precinct of Athena and Zeus. Both their images are of bronze; Zeus holds a staff and a Victory, Athena a spear. Here is a portrait of Leosthenes and of his sons, painted by Arcesilaus.

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