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  A city of the Peuceti of Roman times. There are virtually no remains of the Roman city. However the port was recognized as the most important in the area as early as 180 B.C. (Livy 40.18; Strab. 5.283). As a Roman municipium the city was enrolled in the tribus Claudia (Tac. Ann. 16.9). An important highway junction at the crossroads of the Via Traiana and the coast road, Ban was established as a diocese under Bishop Gervasius (A.D. 347). The 12th-13th c. Norman castle in Citta Vecchia has been supposed to rest on the ancient Greek acropolis. in the Museum of Archaeology in the Palazzo dell'Ateneo the archaic and Classical eras are represented by Apulian polychrome impasto pottery from Canosa and Ruvesta and Attic black- and red-figure pottery; bronze arms and mirrors; cameos, gems, earrings, and fibulae; and glass and gold objects, extending down to Roman times.

D. C. Scavone, ed.
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