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On the northern coast of Paros lies Naoussa, called the Pearl of the Aegean Sea, and one of the most picturesque ports of the Cyclades. There, foreign and Greek tourists enjoy traditional snacks in one of the many "ouzeris". The visitor will soon discover that this part of the Gulf of Paros was blessed by the gods. They endowed the region with the beautiful seashores of Kolimbithres, Agios Giannis, Lageri, Santa Maria and Agious Anargirous. It is small wonder that Naoussa hosts the majority of all the cultural and traditional happenings of the island, such as the Wine- and Fish-festivals. This jewel of the Aegean Sea, under the tender warmth of the sun, offers its visitors both history and a hospitable environment.

This text is cited Mar 2003 from the University of Patras' XENIOS DIAS website URL below.

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