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Agio Gala

  Aghio Galas, is built on the top of a rocky mountain Underneath the village there is a complex of caves. The village's name came after "the milky water" (gala=milk)dropping from the stalactites of the cave, in front of the entrance of which the church of Panaghia Aiogaloussena was built. Worth visiting is also the the square with tower and arch. Local festival on August 22.

Μ. Dimidis, An. Lagou, ed.
This text is cited Sep 2002 from the Municipality of Amani URL below, which contains images.

The village of Aghio Galas has shown continual human existence over the course of 8,000 years. It is located 70 km northwest of the town of Chios and is one of the oldest Neolithic places in the Aegean area. From the 6th century B.C., man lived within the large caves located beneath this village. Archeologists have discovered numerous shells (vase fragments), tools, bones, and worshipping objects dating from the Neolithic period. The caves however, have not been completely examined or explored. These caves are of great interest as they maintain ceilings decorated with stalactites.
Significant remnants of the medieval fortress have been preserved in the village. This village is of substantial importance to researchers for its popular architecture, unique house designs, preservation of local linguistic idioms and the villagers' occupation with agriculture. The inhabitants' homes are held up by one single column, a scene that depicts the most primitive structure possible for permanent residence. This primitive scene in conjunction with the particular architectural scheme of each house designates Aghio Galas as a rare architectural monument on the whole.

This text is cited Sept 2003 from the Chios Prefecture Tourism Committee URL below, which contains image.

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