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Information about the place (4)
   Local government Web-Sites (1)
   Commercial WebSites (1)
   Ministry of Culture WebPages (1)
   Maps (1)

Information about the place (4)

 Local government Web-Sites
Prefecture of Ioannina
Official WebSite
http://www.nomioan.gr Greek
 Commercial WebSites
http://www.ioannina.com English Greekhttp://www.about-ioannina.gr English Greek
 Ministry of Culture WebPages
Prefecture of Ioannina
In the following WebPages you can find an interactive map with all the monuments and museums of the Prefecture, with relevant information and photos.
Hellenic Ministry of Culture WebPages
http://www.culture.gr/maps/ipiros/giannina/giannin... English Greek  
Ministry of Interior WebPage
http://www.ypes.gr/kapodistrias/greek/kapo/ioan.ht... Greek

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