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Bay boundaries

Corinth Bay

To the SW the part ( 38 N – 22,41,4 E) of the coastline, 1,7 miles to the SE of the jetty of the Kiato Harbour and to the NW the Cape Malagravi or Ireon (38,1,8 N – 22,51 E). It is open to the NW, with entrance opening 4 miles and penetration 8 miles.

Bays in the bay

Agrili Creek

It is at the northern coastline (38,5 N - 22,55,6 E), it is open to the SW and has great depths. There is good temporary protection from northern winds to the S of the Vouliagmeni Lake.

All weather anchorages

Yacht harbour

Supply ports

Corinth harbour & yacth harbour

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