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King of Eleusis, husband of Metanira, father of Demophon, of Triptolemus and of Saesara, brother of Dysaules, welcomes Demeter at Eleusis, is taught the sacred rites by Demeter, his daughters receive Demeter and celebrate Eleusinian rites.(Perseus Encyclopedia)


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Father of Triptolemus, brother of Celeus, institutes mysteries of Demeter at Celeae, buried at Celeae.

Dysaules (Dusaules), the father of Triptolemus and Eubuleus, and a brother of Celeus. According to a tradition of Phlius, which Pausanias disbelieved, he had been expelled from Eleusis by Ion, and had come to Phlius, where he introduced the Eleusinian mysteries. His tomb was shown at Celeae, which he is said to have named s after his brother Celeus. (Paus. i. 14.2, ii. 14.2)


Saesara, Diogenia, Pammerope

Daughters of Celeus.

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