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DORIS (Ancient area) FOKIDA
He was the son of Hellen, who came from Pthia, and the nymph Orseis.

Dorus (Doros), the mythical ancestor of the Dorians; he is described either as a son of Hellen, by the nymph Orseis, and a brother of Xuthus and Aeolus (Apollod. i. 7.3; Diod. iv. 60); or as a son of Apollo, by Phthia, and a brother of Laodocus and Polypoites (Apollod. i. 7.6), whereas Servius (ad Aen. ii. 27) calls him a son of Poseidon. He is said to have assembled the people which derived its name from him (the Dorians) around him in the neighbourhood of Parnassus (Strab. viii.; Herod. i. 56)


Aegimius & Hyllus

   A king of the Dorians, reigning in Thessaly, near the range of Pindus. He aided Heracles, according to the Doric legend, in his contest with the Lapithae, and received as a reward the territory from which they were driven. Aegimius is a conspicuous name among the founders of the Doric line, and mention is made by the ancient writers of an epic poem, entitled Aigimios, which is ascribed by some to Hesiod, by others to Cecrops the Milesian. The posterity of Aegimius formed part of the expedition against the Peloponnesus, and the Doric institutions of Aegimius are spoken of by Pindar as forming the rule or model of government for the Doric race.

The Aetolians border on the western Locrians; and the Aenianians who inhabit Mount Oeta border on the Epicnemidian Locrians; and in the middle between them are Dorians. Now these Dorians are the people who inhabited the Tetrapolis, which, they say, was the metropolis of all the Dorians; and the cities they held were Erineus, Boeum, Pindus and Cytinium. Pindus is situated above Erineus; and a river bearing the same name flows past it, emptying into the Cephissus not very far from Lilaea. By some, however, Pindus is called Acyphas. The king of these Dorians was Aegimius, who was driven from his throne, but was brought back again, as the story goes, by Heracles; accordingly, Aegimius requited the favor to Heracles after the latter's death on Oeta; for he adopted Hyllus, the eldest of the sons of Heracles; and Hyllus and his descendants became his successors on the throne. From here it was that the Heracleidae set out on their return to the Peloponnesus.

This extract is from: The Geography of Strabo, ed. H. L. Jones, Cambridge. Harvard University Press
Cited Sept. 2002 from Perseus Project URL below, which contains comments & interesting hyperlinks.

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