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Ancient myths

Alpheus and Arethusa

There is another legend about the Alpheius. They say that there was a hunter called Alpheius, who fell in love with Arethusa, who was herself a huntress. Arethusa, unwilling to marry crossed, they say, to the island opposite Syracuse called Ortygia, and there turned from a woman to a spring. Alpheius too was changed by his love into the river. This account of Ortygia. But that the Alpheius passes through the sea and mingles his waters with the spring at this place I cannot disbelieve, as I know that the god at Delphi confirms the story. For this reason, therefore, because the water of the Alpheius mingles with the Arethusa, I am convinced that the legend arose of the river's love-affair.


Gods & demigods


Demainetus, (Demainetos), a surname of Asclepius, derived from the name of a temple of his on the Alpheius. (Paus. vi. 21.4.)



Arethousa : Perseus Encyclopedia


  Artemis' favourite nymph, who lived in the woods. The river god Alpheus fell in love with her after seeing her take a bath, and she fled to the island Ortygia, where she was transformed into a fountain. Alpheus then transformed himself to a river, thus uniting with the nymph pouring through the fountain.

This text is cited Sept 2003 from the In2Greece URL below.

One of the Nereids, and nymph of the fountain of the same name in the island of Ortygia, near Syracuse.

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