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  The island's Fauna, as well as its Flora, does not present a great variety. This is due to the fact that Syros is densely populated in some parts, whereas other parts are virtually deserted.
  However, the island's geographic isolation has led to the development of typical subspecies, often unique in the world.
  Thus, the herpetofauna of Syros includes 11 kinds of reptiles and 2 kinds of amphibians. The reptiles are:
- Elaphe situla (homesnake)
- Natrix natrix (water snake), endangered species
- Telescopus fallax fallax
- Vipera ammodytes meridionalis (Adder), probably the only dangerous snake on the island
- Coluber gemonensis gyarosensis (black snake), which is unique and belongs to the adder family.
  As for the ornithofauna, the Cycladic islands are the main "corridor" for birds migrating to and from Africa. Different kinds of rare birds of prey are registered on Syros, such as:
- Haliaeetus albicilla (Sea eagle) globally endangered species.
- Hieraaetus pennatus (Fish hawk)
- Falco sp. (Dif. kinds of hawks)
- Circus sp. (Dif. kinds of marsh hawks)
  Noteworthy is the Monachus monachus (Mediterranean seal), frequently spotted, mostly during the spring, on different coasts of the island, i.e. on Possidonia, Komitos and Agathopes. In winter, the seals occasionally venture into the harbour of Hermoupolis, as do the dolphins, in search of food.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the University of Patras' XENIOS DIAS website URL below.

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