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It is one of the seven towns that Agamemnon promised to give as dower to one of the three daughters, that Achilles would marry (Il. 9.151, 293). Although the town is not listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships, Homer mentions that Aeneas killed Crethon and Orhilochus, the sons of Diocles from Pharae, in Troy (Il. 5.543). He also mentions that Telemachus, when looking for his father, went from Pylos to Diocles' house (Od. 3.488).



He was a son of the river-god Alpheius and father of Diocles (Il. 5.546, Od. 2.488, 21.16).


He was the son of Ortilochus, grandson of Alpheus, father of Crethon and Ortilochus, king of Pherae. Telemachus spent the night at his house on his way to Nestor's palace (Od. 3.488, 15.186).

Diocles (Diokles), the son of Orsilochus and father of Crethon and Orsilochus, was a king of Phere. (Hom. Il. v. 540, &c., Od. iii. 488; Paus. iii. 30.2)

Greek heroes of the Trojan War


He was a son of Diocles and brother of Orsilochus, who was slain by Aeneas (Il. 5.542 etc.).

Crethon (Krethon), a son of Diocles and brother of Orsilochus of Phere, was slain by Aeneias in the Trojan war. (Hom. Il. v. 542; Paus. iv. 30. 2)


He was a son of Diocles and brother of Crethon, who was slain by Aeneas (Il. 5.542).

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