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Members of the Filiki Etairia (Society of Friends)


Anagnostopoulos Panagiotis

, , 1770 - 1854

Men in the armed forces

SAMIKON (Ancient city) ILIA


An Aetolian, founds Samia.


ZACHARO (Small town) ILIA

Zafiropoulos Ioannis

, , 22/8/1947

Related to the place

EPITALION (Ancient city) ILIA


Lysippus (Lusippos), a Lacedaemonian, was left by Agis II. as harmost at Epitalium in Elis, when the king himself returned to Sparta from the Eleian campaign, B. C. 400. During the summer and winter of that year Lysippus made continual devastations on the Eleian territory. In the next year, B. C. 399, the Eleians sued for peace. (Xen. Hell. iii. 2. 29, &c.; comp. Diod. xiv. 17; Wess. ad loc.; Paus. iii. 8, where he is called Lysistratus).


Atsalis Iossafat

, , 1571 - 1613


LEPREON (Ancient city) ILIA


Harmodius, (Armodios), of Lepreon, a Greek writer, whose time is unknown. His work, peri ton en Phigaleusi nomimon, is repeatedly quoted by Athenaeus. (iv. p. 148, f., x. p. 442, b., xi. p. 465, e., p. 497, c.; Vossius, de Hist. Graec. p. 445, ed. Westermann)

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