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Acrodophagi (Akridophagoi), or Locusteaters, the name given by Diodorus (iii. 29) and Strabo (p. 770) to one of the half-savage tribes of Aethiopia bordering on the Red Sea, who received their denomination from their mode of life or their staple food.

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Apocopa (Apokopa, Steph. B. s. v.; Peripl. M. Eryth. p. 9; Ptol. i. 17. § 7), Magna and Parva, respectively Bandel d'Agoa and Cape Bedouins, were two small towns in a bay of similar name (Ptol. i. 17. § 9), on the coast of Africa Barbaria, between the headlands of Raptum and Prasum. Their inhabitants were Aethiopians (Aithiopes Rhapsioi, Ptol. iv. 8. § 3).


Agriophagi (Peripl. Mar. Er. p. 2), were the same people as the Creophagi or flesh-eaters of Aethiopia Troglodytica. In summer they drove their herds down to the pastures of the Astaboras; in the rainy season they returned to the Aethiopian mountains east of that river. As their name and diet imply they were hunters and herdsmen.


Megabari (Megabaroi, Strab. xvii. pp. 786, 819; Megabardoi, Ptol. iv. 7. § 30; Megabarri, Plin. vi. 30. s. 35), a people of Aethiopia, near Meroe, also called Adibari according to some authorities (Plin. l. c.), and possessing a town of Apollo. Their name appears to survive in the tribe of the Mekaberab near Schendy. (Ritter, Erdkunde, vol. i. p. 663; Forbiger, vol. ii. p. 811.)

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