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Honour Aphrodite above all gods, attempt to cut through their isthmus, colonise Liparaean islands, their offerings at Delphi, treasury at Delphi, dedicate Clubroom (Lesche) at Delphi.


Perseus Project Index. Total results on 6/6/2001: 31 for Cnidians, 13 for Knidians.

Ancient tribes


The Rhodians, like the people of Halicarnassus and Cnidus and Cos, are Dorians; for of the Dorians who founded Megara after the death of Codrus, some remained there, others took part with Althaemenes the Argive in the colonization of Crete, and others were distributed to Rhodes and to the cities just now mentioned. But these events are later than those mentioned by Homer, for Cnidus and Halicarnassus were not yet in existence, although Rhodes and Cos were; but they were inhabited by Heracleidae.

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