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Quite often, especially in the summer months, the island comes to life with a fair which, in addition to the standard singing and dancing which often goes on for three days and nights, also includes horse and other races as well as processions or cultural events. Among the festivities that attract the largest number of people are the fete of Taxiarchis at Mantamados on the Sunday of Myrrh Bearing and the fete of the Bull at Ag. Paraskevi on the 1st of June. Characteristic of both are the slaughtering of a bull, a remnant of pre-Christian animal sacrifices, and the horse races. Throughout the night, under the sound of songs keskeki (a meat stew with wheat and plenty of cumin) is cooked in large cauldrons over open-air fires and on the following morning it is given out to the pilgrims.
A unique day for the island is the 15th of August, the day of the Assumption, which is especially celebrated at Petra and Ayiassos. People of all ages from the whole island head uphill, often on foot, to the village, and many of them spend the night out in the open in the church’s courtyard or in the surrounding areas. Junketing is also at its best during carnival, especially at Mesotopos, with the koudounatoi, (men loaded with cowbells) and at Ayiassos where satirical teasing still continues an ancient custom. In the summer there are festivities in several parts of the island. The Feast of the Sardine at Kalloni, of Ouzo at Mytilini and Plomari, of Trata at Petra and Skala Polychnito. Concerts, plays, art and photo exhibitions, lectures, horse races and fairs, local singing and dancing will give the visitor a look into

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