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San Michalis

San Michalis is a small hamlet. Its inhabitants are mostly farmers who live there all through the summer, while, during winter, they only visit it occasionally to carry out certain jobs.

Chroussa Community

Tel: +30 22810 61480
  Chroussa, along with Pagos, is a village situated in the centre of the island, at 7 km from Hermoupolis. It is a typical agricultural site, among orchards and greenhouses. These supply the island with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  Its farms are built in traditional style and are typical of this kind of architecture on Syros. One also finds some surprisingly grand country houses in neoclassical style, dating from the 19th century and screened from the road by pine groves. Amazingly green gardens thrive in the shade of these trees.
  The impressive catholic church of Faneromenis is situated on the hill. During religious holidays, it attracts a great number of worshippers.   Remains of an ancient settlement are found on the site of "Agia Thekla".

Galissa Community

Tel: +30 22810 42408
  Galissa, at 9 km from Ermoupolis, is a well-known seaside resort, boasting the largest beach of the island. It counts modern hotel complexes, rooms for rent and a camping.
  The village is situated on a picturesque site. Its sandy beaches are crowded by numerous visitors and its pier is a fine place for delightful strolls and sightseeing. If you are romantically inclined, you can walk to the country church of Agios Stefanos, built on the rocks just above the sea. The small snow-white chapel of Agias Pakous (or Ipakous) was built on the foundations of an even older church.
  Remains of an ancient settlement were found here.

KINI (Settlement) SYROS
  Leaving Galissa, a short cut leads to Danakos and to Kini, a lovely fishing village where a special kind of magic is created, each evening, by the glowing colours of the sunset. It is, without a doubt, your best choice for family vacations.
  The view on the village is spectacular. Sunlight sparkles off the white houses dotted along the bay, where small fishing boats float on the calm and deep blue surface of the sea, with the hills of Pano Meria as a perfect backdrop.
  The beaches of Kini and Lotos, as well as that of the bay of Delfini are among the most pristine on the island, with plenty of taverns and hotels nearby.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the University of Patras' XENIOS DIAS website URL below, which contains image.

Kiperousa is a small rural community. Its inhabitants are mainly farmers who live there all through the summer, while only paying it an occasional visit in winter to carry out certain jobs.

LYGERO (Settlement) SYROS
Ligero is one of the island's many hamlets, where the inhabitants are mostly farmers. It is typical for this type of agricultural community that is is inhabited throughout the entire summer, but only occasionally in winter, for the necessary chores.

Mavri Rahi is a small hamlet. Its inhabitants mostly consist of farmers who are there all through the summer but only rarely in winter.

MYTAKAS (Settlement) SYROS
Mitakas is a tiny rural community. Its farms are inhabited only during the summer. During the winter, the farmers return to the village occasionally to carry out the necessary tasks of the season.

Pagos Community

Tel: +30 22810 42192
  Pagos is 7 km from Hermoupolis and, like Chroussa, situated in the middle of the island. It is a farming village, set among orchards and greenhouses, which supply the island with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  One can see some fine examples of agricultural architecture, both of the traditional Syriot type and of the neoclassical country house style which was typical of the 19th century.

Parakopi is a farming village with greenhouses, vinyards and orchards.

Plati Vouni is a hamlet where, typical for the island's rural community, the farmers are present only throughout the summer, while becoming seasonal workers during winter.

SIRINGA (Settlement) SYROS
Sirigas is a small village with reputed springs and a wonderful view.

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