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General Terms & Conditions

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The following are certain general terms and conditions governing advertising published in the monthly travel and tourism guide, Greek Travel Pages (GTP).
Credit and payment terms

Advertising must be paid for prior to publication deadline unless credit has been established by the advertiser and/or agency with GTP. Acceptable forms of payment are:
 Bank Deposit: Alpha Bank, Filellinon branch office
Account: ALPHA 500, Acc. Number: 120-00-2320-00-1221,
International Publications Ltd.
 Postal Money Order or Bank Cheque
International Publications Ltd.
6, Psylla & Filellinon Strs
105 57 Syntagma, Athens, Greece

Advertisers or agencies wishing to establish credit with GTP must request a credit application. Application requests can be made by phone (+30 210 3247511), fax (+30 210 3249996) or e-mail ( Advertisers and agencies granted credit will be billed monthly for published advertising. Payment is due 15 days after the invoice date.

The advertiser and agency shall be jointly and severally liable to GTP for the payment.

Advertiser or agency agrees to notify publisher of any change in ownership of said company within ten days.

Agency recognition and commission
Commission of 20% will be granted only to recognized advertising agencies. Members of E.D.E.E & E.D.E.B.E are considered as recognized agencies by GTP. For other advertising agencies application for agency recognition must be made with GTP. Commissions are not allowed on handling miscellaneous production/reprint charges.
Advertising rate information
Advertising is accepted by GTP subject to all terms and conditions contained herein and the rate card, and those of subsequent rate cards. Forwarding of an advertising order also indicates acceptance of the advertising acceptability policies of GTP. GTP reserves the right to issue new rate cards and to revise its rates in writing, effective no less than one (1) month after distribution of the new rate card and/or of written notice of rate changes to the address of the advertisers or agency stated in a contract. Contract advertisers or agencies will not incur rate changes through the duration of their contract. Contracts changed before end of term are subject to new rates. New advertisers and advertisers not under contract will adhere to rates published in the most current media kit.
Volume and frequency contract discounts will be earned only on advertising inserted within a 12-month period.

If the contract level is not achieved, due to cancellation of space reservations for any reason by the advertiser or the agency, an adjustment to the rate based on past and subsequent insertions to reflect actual space used at the earned volume and/or frequency rate will be made to the advertiser or the agency.

Corporate affiliates are not automatically entitled to the contract benefits of each other.

No order may be considered executed unless acknowledged by GTP. An order may be cancelled by GTP if the advertiser or agency fails to pay accounts when due.

Cancellations by the advertiser or the agency are not accepted after space deadline closes.

If change of copy is not received by GTP by the art/material due date for a scheduled insertion, copy from a previous issue will be run. If this is the first insertion, the advertiser or the agency will be liable for the cost of the contracted space.
Copy regulations
The advertiser and the advertising agency assume liability, jointly and severally, for all content (including text representations and illustrations) of advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against GTP. The advertiser and the advertising agency agree, jointly and severally, to indemnify and hold GTP harmless from all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees), liabilities and damages arising in any way from publication of any advertisement placed by the advertiser or the advertising agency.

GTP will not be bound by any special clauses relating to legal liability, circulation guarantees or any other condition in contracts or insertion orders that conflict with its policies.

GTP accepts no liability for its failure, for any cause, to insert an advertisement. GTP accepts no liability for any error in advertisement caused by it, except for the cost of the space actually occupied by the error. In order to qualify for an allowance, claims for errors must be made to GTP within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Credit for errors are allowed only for the first insertion. GTP will make the final determination on the amount, if any, of a credit allowance.

Advertising orders with or without reproduction material must be accompanied by identifying copy. Drawing, art and articles for reproduction are accepted at advertisers risk and should contain an identifying mark to facilitate return. GTP shall not be responsible and does not assume any liability for damage or loss to original printing material supplied.

GTP reserves the right to revise or reject advertisements in accordance with standards of acceptability of GTP, to lighten or change type and borders, or to omit advertisements without notice. Placement of advertising is at GTP's discretion.
Advertising Acceptance
GTP examines advertisements before publication to determine if they meet the standards of acceptability GTP has developed over the years.

GTP reserves the right to decline or reject any advertisement for any reason at any time without liability even though previously acknowledged and accepted and/or if for any reason it becomes necessary to omit the advertisement. GTP will not knowledgeably accept advertising that does not meet government regulations. Furthermore, GTP's policy, since its first publication, has been the acceptance of advertisements that conform to the standards of the publication.

If an advertisement contains theme, statements or illustrations that are not deemed acceptable, and that GTP thinks should be changed or eliminated, the advertiser will be notified.

GTP reserves the right to label an advertisement with the word "advertisement" when, in its opinion, this is necessary to make clear the distinction between editorial material and advertising.

The Advertising Department can be contacted directly at e-mail: or at tel.:+30 210 3247511 for questions.
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