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Diplomatic and Consular Corps

In order to better serve the diplomatic corps, Greek tourism and the Greeks of Diaspora, we included in our website ( information on the diplomatic & consular corps in Greece. This information, described below, is offered to the visitors of our site free of charge and without any cost for the diplomatic corps or/and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The use of these pages is subject to the disclaimer. We would also like to inform our users that the members of the diplomatic corps, or any other authorities, carry no responsibility for the accuracy, the validity or our initiative to include this information, using this structure, in

In the Travel Directory section you can obtain useful information on 20,000 businesses and organizations in Greece and 5,000 abroad. This directory is divided into sectors. One of these sectors is the "diplomatic corps" and can be accessed by pressing on the "press here" button from within the travel directory. The structure of this sector is as follows:

  • DiplomaticCorps
    • Consulates
    • Diplomatic Representation
    • Embassies
    • Liaison Offices*

  • *Liaison offices stands for the non-official Diplomatic relations.

The user has the possibility to select the whole Diplomatic Corps sector or one of its sub sectors (e.g. embassy). The system will then return to the previous page allowing the user, if he wants, to add additional criteria to his/her search:

  • Location, and/or
  • Company/Organization name, and/or
  • Activities/services

Then by just clicking on "search" the system will take the user to the result page.

Note: The results are presented in a random order; therefore do not be surprised to see them in a different order each time you search for the same information.

Details on the search criteria:

  1. Location
    • If no location is chosen, the search for diplomatic corps will be worldwide.
    • If the user types a location such as "Greece"
      the system will search for diplomatic corps within that location. If a location is chosen where no diplomatic corps exist, then the system will automatically search in a wider area looking for results.
    • Note that a location can be a country, as well as the smallest area, suburb, etc.
  1. Company/Organization Name
    • If a user is searching for the Embassy of Kenya for example and types "Kenya" in this field, the system will find both the Greek Embassy in Kenya and the Embassy of Kenya in Greece since they both include the typed word.
  1. Activities/Services
    • Do not apply for this sector.

Note: If the user in interested in finding the diplomatic relations of Greece with a specific country, he/she should use the Quick Search (Upper right corner of every page) type the name of the country of his/her choice in the field (e.g. Afghanistan) and press search. In the result page, in the information on the specific area section, select Diplomatic Corps.

If Afghanistan is selected like mentioned above the following information will be displayed:

Diplomatic Missions Accredited to Greece
Afghanistan Embassy, Tel: 007095 9285044, Fax: 007095 9219563

Greek Diplomatic Missions Accredited to the country
Embassy of Greece in Iraq, Tel: 009641 7182433, 7762273, Fax: 009641 7188729

The user, by clicking on the embassy links will find useful information about them like the embassy's location/address, areas under supervision, Executives/departments and relations (with principals, HQ & affiliates).

A complete list of all the Greek embassies worldwide and all the foreign Embassies in Greece can be found in Ministry of Foreign Affairs pages of our site under Relations (with subordinates, branches, agents & affiliates).

Under each Embassy and specifically under Relations (with subordinates, branches, agents & affiliates) we are trying and already have connected the Consular, Commercial, Cultural and many other departments and national missions that are subject to the embassy's jurisdiction.

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