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Archaeological Museum of Brauron

Last Update: Nov 2013
Museum, Cultural heritage VRAVRONA , ATTICA, EAST , GREECE
(Est. 1956)
Tel.: +30 22990 27020, 27340 , Fax: +30 22990 27020
Opening hours:
01Jun - 31Oct Tue-Sun, 0900-1600
01Nov - 31May Tue-Sun, 0830-1500

Archaeological Museum of Brauron - Overview

  The Museum building was constructed in 1956.
  The collections include:
• Finds from the Late Mycenaean cemetery at Perati.
• Geometric pottery from the cemeteries of Myrrhinous, Anavyssos and other areas of Mesogeia.
• Archaic and Classical pottery and minor objects (votive offerings from the sanctuary of Artemis).
• Collections of sculptures (statues, reliefs) from the sanctuary of Artemis Vrauronia.
• Votive and funerary reliefs of the Classical period, found in the region of Mesogeia
  The most important items of the exhibition are:
• Stirrup jar from the cementery of Perati. It depicts octopiand fishes among close style decoration. Docted to late Helladic IIIc period (1200 - 1000 B.C.).
• Votive relief to Artemis. The goddess is represented seated with a deer, welcoming the pilgrims. The relief was found in the sanctuary and dates to the 4th century B.C.
• Votive relief, offered to the sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia. The goddess is represented holding a dada and stands behind her altar. Beside the goddess, Demeter and Kore are depicted as they welcome the pilgrims bearing the animals to be sacrificed. Dated to the 4th century B.C.
Statuette of an "arktos". The young girl is represented clad in a chiton and himation, holding a rabbit in her right hand. Dated to the 4th century B.C.
"The votive relief of the Gods". It bears the representation of a group of gods, including Zeus, Leto, Apollo and Artemis. Dated to the end of the 5th century B.C.
• Statue of a boy. He holds a fruit in his right hand and a bird in his left. Dated to the 4th century B.C.

Archaeological Museum of Brauron - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 210 3219792, 210 3215515-7, Fax: 210 3240457
    2nd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, 98-100, Syngrou Avenue, Athens

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Periods of the exhibits • Bronze Age, 3200-1050 BC • Ancient historical times, 1050 BC- AD 324

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