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Zakros Community

Last Update: Feb 2001
Municipality's district consul ZAKROS , ITANOS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 28430 93282

Zakros Community - Overview

  Zakros is the second village in size in the Municipality of Itanos with 800 habitants. It is 20 kilometers away from Palekastro. It is in the middle of a lush lowland with thousands of olive trees. They are the "spring of life" for the economy of the area. Agriculture and the cultivation of olives, is the basic occupation of the local people. The area is famed for the springs and crystal waters that have ceaselessly run for centuries making fertile the land that kindly shares its bounty.
  This is also the starting point of the famous Canyon of Zakros, cutting through the tall mountains and ending up at Lower Zakros, next of the rubble of the Minoan Palace (forth largest Minoen settlement in size). Thousands of objects have been discovered, masterpieces of the Minoan art. They are decorating the archeological Museum of Iraklion.

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