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Δημοτικό Διαμέρισμα Δάφνης

Τελ. ενημέρωση: Φεβ 2001
Δημοτικό Διαμέρισμα ΔΑΦΝΗ , ΝΑΥΠΑΚΤΟΣ , ΕΛΛΑΔΑ
Τηλ.: +30 26340 23562

Δημοτικό Διαμέρισμα Δάφνης - Περίληψη

  The village named Daphni was once called Sverdia. The church honoured in the name of Aghioi Anargyroi was found here in 1856, when the icon of the Saints - Kosmas and Damianos - was revealed in a crypt dug in the earth. These Saints are still believed to be miracle-makers. According to a tradition the abundant water of the region is a result of a miracle of Aghios Athanassios, who founded the first Monastery at Athos. Once the Saint was passing from the area, and he felt thirsty, he stuck the earth with his stick and water sprung out.
This text (extract) is cited May 2003 from the Lemnos Provincial Government tourist pamphlet (1997).

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