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Municipal Art Gallery of Chios

Last Update: Oct 2014
1, Andrea Syngrou Street 82100 CHIOS , NORTH AEGEAN , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22710 43830 , Fax: +30 22710 43565
Opening hours:
00Jan - 00Dec Mon-Fri, 0900-1330

Municipal Art Gallery of Chios - Overview

  The Public Art Gallery of Chios, which has been established as a special service of the Municipality of Chios since April 1994, is housed in the traditional building of the old Municipal Baths in Andreas Sygros Street in the middle of the town. The famous architect Despotopoulos, following the architectural models of the Kampos of Chios designed the building. The construction started in 1939 and was finished in 1954. It had its original use until the middle of the 70s. In 1984 the preparation started for its reconstruction as a Public Art Gallery. The reason for the change in the use of the building was, on the one hand, the limited public attendance of the Baths and, on the other, the intention of our citizens to donate works of art to decorate an especially designed public place and display them to the public. In addition to Diomataris and Mitrakis' collections, painters from Chios have in the course of the years enriched the Public Art Gallery of Chios with a large number of works, which are exhibited from time to time in the central hall of the building. All in all, the Public Art Gallery of Chios is an exemplary exhibition hall for a regional town like Chios, and it has been a pole of attraction for the visual arts, not only for the island but for the whole of Greece. The artistic commission of the Public Art Gallery consists of five members. Besides assessing the exhibitions, which are organized in their hall, it contributes to the preservation and spread of traditional works of art as well as other forms of Greek culture. With the cooperation of the local artistic commission, it attempts to give advice on a better aesthetic planning of the public places in our town. In addition, it cooperates with other institutions with similar aims, like museums and galleries from the rest of Greece and from foreign countries. It also organizes exhibitions of cultural content and tributes to famous artists as well as programmers on contemporary forms of artistic expression.

Municipal Art Gallery of Chios - Map

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