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Fortress of Kalyva

Last Update: Nov 2005
Archaeological site KALYVA , XANTHI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 25420 22040

Fortress of Kalyva - Overview

  The fortress occupies the top of a high hill (627 m. a.s.l.), in a strategic position, controlling the valley of Nestos. The trapezoidal enceinte is built of marble blocks. Excavations have revealed six towers, five gates and a beehive cistern, 12 m. deep. The fort was built by king Philip II in ca. 340 B.C., after the dissolution of the powerful state of Odryssae. Because of its strategic location, it was used by a series of dynasts over the centuries, such as Philip V, Perseas, the Romans, the Thracians and emperor Justinian.
  The first archaeological investigation on the site was undertaken in 1973 by Diamantis Triantaphyllos, who has been conducting the excavations since then. Work is carried out almost every year and as a result, the fortress has been almost completely uncovered.

  The most important monuments of the site are:
• Priapos Gate. It is named after the god represented on a relief plaque, found in the area of the gate.
 Twin gates with a courtyard.
 Circular and rectangular towers.
 Beehive cistern. It is 12 m. deep and has a maximum diameter of 8 m. The walls are covered with water resistant plaster.

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