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Mycenaean Bridge of Kazarma

Last Update: May 2014
Archaeological site KAZARMA , ASKLIPIIO , GREECE

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Mycenaean Bridge of Kazarma - Overview

The Mycenaean bridge at Kazarma (dimensions 22 X 5,60 X 4 m.) is situated on the 15th km of the Nauplion-Epidaurus highway. It is built of limestone boulders without binding material in the characteristic Mycenaean masonry called "Cyclopean". This monumental structure, typical of the Mycenaean period, dates to ca. 1300 BC. It was situated along a well-built Mycenaean road which linked Mycenae, Tiryns and Epidaurus. It is still used today by the local population.

The text is cited from the website Οδυσσεύς

Mycenaean Bridge of Kazarma - Map

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