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Boila Rockshelter

Last Update: Jun 2010
Archaeological site, Cultural heritage AGIOS MINAS , KENTRIKO ZAGORI , GREECE
Vikos-Aoos National Park, 50 m. from the Kleidonia Bridge, 44016 AGIOS MINAS , KENTRIKO ZAGORI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 26530 22241

Boila Rockshelter - Overview

  Boila is situated within the National Park of Vikos-Aoos and lies right at the mouth of the Voidomatis lower gorge. The site is a narrow rockshelter covering an area of 80 m2 and has a N-NW orientarion. Its present elevation above the river channel is 11 m.
  Boila has preserved a stratigraphic sequence belonging to the Late Upper Palaeolithic period (16kyr-10kyr). The radiometric dates by C14 are so far as follows: 13.810+130 BP, 12.480+120BP, 10.560+110 BP. The archaeological remains suggest that the site was being used after the Last Glacial Maximum by specialized mobile hunter-gatherers on a seasonal basis. The site holds a special strategic role for the exploitation of both a high altitude ecological niche (Tymphi mountain range) and the topographically milder landscape of the Konitsa plain.
  Excavations started in 1993 and are continued to the present. The prolific archaeological assemblages include lithic industries, faunal remains, hearth complexes as well as indications of spatial patterning of the archaeological material.
  The Boila project is one of the few palaeolithic excavations currently under way in Greece. It is the first entirely Greek project of its kind and has a strong multisciplinary character. The study of the archaeological record contributes decisively to our understanding of the Upper Palaeolithic of Greece and allows comparisons with other palaeolithic sites within the wider Balkan and Meditteranean region.

The text is cited from The Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Tourism WebPage

Boila Rockshelter - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Information office, Tel.: 26530 22241, Fax: 26530 22241
    National Park of Northern Pindos, Asprangeloi Information Centre
  • Information office, Tel.: 26533 60300, 26530 22536, Fax: 26533 60323, 26530 22538
    Municipality of Kentriko Zagori, 440 07 Asrpangeloi
  • Information office, Tel.: 2310 410185, Fax: 2310 410376
    Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology-Speleology of Northern Greece, 28 Navarinou St., 551 31 Kalamaria

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