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Asprochaliko Rockshelter

Last Update: Jul 2011
Archaeological site, Caves, Cultural heritage AGIOS GEORGIOS , PREVEZA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 26820 89890 , Fax: +30 26820 89891

Asprochaliko Rockshelter - Overview

  Asprochaliko is a rockshelter in the valley of the river Louros, 20 m. above the present river bank, close to the village of Aghios Georghios. The importance of the site lies in the fact that it was continuously used by nomad hunter-gatherers during the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic period.
  The rockshelter was excavated between 1964-1966 by the British School of Archaeology under the direction of E.S. Higgs. The excavations revealed a sequence of deposits, some 5 m. thick. The lower part of the stratification (strata 19-16) dates to 100.000 B.P. and yielded Middle Palaeolithic industries (Mousterians), with a great percentage of blade-like artifacts. The next stratum (14), dated to ca. 40.000 B.P., is also characterized by Middle Palaeolithic industries (Micromousterian) with small, flake tools. The upper part of the deposit (strata 10, 7, 4) yielded Upper Palaeolithic industries with small bladelet tools, dated to ca. 26.000 B.P.

Asprochaliko Rockshelter - Map

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  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 2310 410185, Fax: 2310 410376
    Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology - Speleology of Northern Greece, 28 Navarinou St., 551 31 Kalamaria

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Ancient Cave • Middle Palaeolithic period, 200,000-35,000 BC • Upper Palaeolithic period, 35,000-10,000 BC

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