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Livin Urbban

Last Update: Dec 2018
Hotel Management Company SYNTAGMA , ATHENS , GREECE

(Est. 2016)
14, Xenofontos Street 3rd floor 10557 SYNTAGMA , ATHENS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 215 5559413
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Livin Urbban - Overview

Livin Urbban was founded in 2016 and is an innovative company for the management of properties with tourist interest.

It is specialized in integrated hotel management and short-term rentals.

It offers a plethora of strategic and efficient actions that form the full project package for finding, buying, renting, rebuilding, refurbishing and subleasing, along with the management of each property with tourist purpose.

As the corporate identity of Livin Urbban is based on versatility, there is cooperation with investors and citizens from abroad countries, in order to participate actively in the editions of golden visa for non-European Citizens with full support packages.

With already over 100 properties in the key triangle of Syntagma - Monastiraki - Plaka area in the heart of Athens, the next step is development all over Greece.

By the end of 2020, it is considered that Livin Urbban will have the management of more than 300 properties.

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  • Co-founder (& Managing Director):
    • Mr Dimitrios F. Ioannou-Dimas, Email:  
  • Sales, Email:  

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