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Lighthouse Drepano

Last Update: Jul 2014
Traditional Greek lighthouses DREPANO , VAMOS , GREECE
(Est. 1864)

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Lighthouse Drepano - Overview

The French Company of Ottoman Lighthouses constructed it in 1864. The height of octagon tower is 7 meters and its focal plane 60 meters. Beside the lighthouse there is a stone house. It’s located at the north side of Crete island, at the east of Souda bay mouth, on the Drepano cape, 50 meters above the sea.

It was added to the Greek Lighthouses Network after the Balkans Wars of 1912-13. The Germans destroyed it during the 2nd World War and it was rebuilt in 1948. The area that is located on is rocky, inaccessible and the closest village Kokkino is in a 2-3 hours distance by feet.

Lighthouse Drepano - Map

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