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Lighthouse Agios Sostis

Last Update: Jun 2014
Traditional Greek lighthouses AGIOS SOSTIS , ETOLOAKARNANIA , GREECE
(Est. 1859)

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Lighthouse Agios Sostis - Overview

The lighthouse on the Agios Sostis island was constructed in 1859. The height of the stone cylindrical tower is 11,5 meters and its focal plane is 12 meters.

Agios Sostis island has a long history. In 1824 Lord Byron disembarked on the island, on his way to Messolongi. On the 10th January 1826 there took place the sea battle between the Greek fleet, headed by Andreas Miaoulis admiral, and the Turkish, which ended with Greek’s win. Furthermore, in 1827 was the base of operations of Astiggas against the Turkish, who they hold Vasiladi.

In nowadays is a small island, on which there are the lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper’s home (abandoned), the leftover of the old custom office and the Agios Sostis church. Besides at the two edges of the island there are the premises of the two ivaria, of Vasiladi and Komma.

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