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Peloponnese Tourism Organization (PTO)

Last Update: Nov 2018

President's contact details - c/o Galaxy Hotel

Regional Tourism Organization, Professional Association TRIPOLI , ARCADIA , GREECE
(Est. 2013)
Agios Vassilios Square 22100 TRIPOLI , ARCADIA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 2710 225195-7, 222025-6 , Fax: +30 2710 225197

Peloponnese Tourism Organization (PTO) - Overview

The Peloponnese Tourism Organization of (P.T.O.), was founded on 31st of October 2013, in Tripoli and is the first interregional tourist body, formed by the initiative of individual Hotels' Unions - Associations of the seven prefectures, which belongs to Peloponnese region.

Peloponnese Tourism Organization (PTO) - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Board of Directors
    Chairman of the board:
    • Mr Konstantinos Marinakos
    1st Vice President:
    • Mr Dimitris Pollalis
    2nd Vice President:
    • Mr Dimitrios Pappas
    Secretary General:
    • Mr Petros Koutsopoulos
    Deputy Gen. Secretary:
    • Mr Dimitrios Diamantopoulos
    • Mr Vasilios Tyligadas
    • Mr Dimitrios Karalis

Ferry Departures

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