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Pachtouri Community

Last Update: Sep 2004
Municipality's district consul PACHTOURI , TRIKALA , GREECE

Pachtouri Community - Overview

  Pachtouri, one of the most beautiful and developed villages of the mountainous Trikala. It is built in an altitude of approximately 950 m and is surrounded by tall, imposing mountains, Tsigori, Tsiardaki, Soufli, Tsiouma, Katafyli, Zygo. The south side of the village, which is impeded between the mountain range of Zygos and the torrent Palaiohoritis, has a beautiful and consecutive fir forest, which is one of the best fir forests in the whole Prefecture of Trikala.
  That is why, the village's name P a h t o u r i, for many comes from the Turkish word "mpahtour" which means "stand and take a look" (the beautiful environment), while for others it comes from the Arabian Turkish word "Mpahtiar" which means fortunate - happy. At the most central place of the village, there is the church of Agios Nikolaos with the tall and impetus steeple and with view to the fir forest.
  Next to the church, stretches the spacious central square with the big platens, the wooden benches and the traditional cafe.
  The residents' love for progress endowed Pahtouri with rich library and sports fields. Furthermore, the traditional and well maintained communal hostel can offer a cozy accommodation for the traveller. Studded in the most beautiful places of the area are five historical country churches which the residents cherish and visit often.
  The great revelry of the village though, is on August 15 and those who come from Pahtouri from all over Greece gather there in order to participate in that.

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