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Armatoliko Community

Last Update: Sep 2004
Municipality's district consul ARMATOLIKO , TRIKALA , GREECE

Armatoliko Community - Overview

  Just after Mesohora we find ourselves at the boundaries of the extended community of Neraida. We scramble on the slopes of the SW mountain range of Pindos form a rather good road and in an altitude of 850 m, the first village is distinguished, Armatoliko. Its old naming was Mpoukouro or Mpokori which in Turk means "beautiful place", in Rumanian "Shepherd's village" and in Slavic "vociferous place" from the din of Acheloos.
  The old village, built on the location Ampelia, was destroyed probably during the 12th century from the Crusaders. Other reasons of destruction were the raids of the Slavs or the earthquakes. During the Ottoman domination individuals or groups that were on the run by the Turks, left Thessaly - Epirus - Aitoloakarnania and found shelter in the today's village.
  Today Armatoliko, near the National road of Trikala - Arta, is a live village that is inhabited both in winter and summer and where Primary School works the whole year time. The village has respective prospects of development as through the whole length will be washed by the waters of the lake, which will be formed by the dam of the area. Among the sights of the village, besides the unique view, is the small church of Agios Athanasios.
  There are five more churches: Panagia, Agios Konstantinos, Agioi Pantes, Agios Fanourios and the big church of Agios Georgios in the square of the village. This square is spacious and with great view, cafes, playground. Near the square there is the watermill which was transferred there afterwards the construction of the pre-dam and the level rising of Acheloos.
  Every year at the village, are celebrated traditionally the standard revelries on the 15th of August, the day of the Easter and a small event on the name day of Agios Athanasios.

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