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Last Update: Nov 2003
Municipality's district consul AMFIKLIA , LOKRIDA , GREECE

Amfiklia Community - Overview

  Amfiklia is situated on the North East slope of Mountain Parnassos, in the center of the mainland right next to the old state Road from Athens to Thessaloniki, a bit further south from the sources of Kifisos river. It lies on the border line of three prefectures (countries) Fthiotida - Viotia and Fokida and is less than 50 km away from their capitals Lamia, Livadeia and Amfissa respectively - and some 170 km northwest of Athens. Amfiklia is situated between two distinctly developed general areas of touristic interest. The coastal zone on the Euboean Gulf (Gulf of Evoia island) including Atalanti, Ag. Konstantinos and Kammena Vourla to the east and that which combines visits to the ski centers o Mt Parnassos and the Delfi archaeological site as well as the St. Luckas Monastery and the seaside towns (of Galaxidi and Itea) on the Korinthian Gulf to the west. Mt Parnassos is the mountain where guests will find the flora and fanua from every part of the country concentrated at one place.
  This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the Municipality of Amfiklia tourist pamphlet.

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