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Gravia Community

Last Update: Apr 2003
Municipality's district consul GRAVIA , PARNASSOS , GREECE

Gravia Community - Overview

  A historic village with a population of about 1,050 inhabitants which probably took its name pidginly from the neighbouring ancient town of Karphia. It is the capital of the new Municipality and it is situated on the 33rd km of Amfissa - Lamia National Road. Gravia is famous for the historic battle given on 8th May 1821 by Androutsos and the other leaders of the struggle, who closed themselves in the legendary-historic Inn along with the 120 fighters and other supporters in the region and stopped Omer Vrionis, by cutting his way towards Salona and Peloponnese, targetting to the suppression of the Revolution. On the site dominates the statue of hero Odysseas and, reently, the historic Inn ("Hani") has been restored (It was inaugurated by the President of Hellenic Republic, M. K. Stefanopoulos and it is open to visitors). In a distance of 5 km to the South East, on the mountainsides there is the monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (or Panasari), a significant monument, with a Byzantine church (with two domes), built in AD 1517.
This extract is cited Sept 2003 from the WebPage of the Prefecture of Fokida

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