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National Koumantarios Gallery of Sparti

Last Update: Mar 2003
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National Koumantarios Gallery of Sparti - Overview

  The creation of this gallery proves that the combination of private initiative and public assistance - a notion responding to the artistic quest of modern man - is realized with extreme speed, completion and effectiveness.
  The creators of the gallery, George Koumantaros and Dolly Goulandris - of the Koumantaros family - have bought and renovated according to architecture a classicist mansion built at the beginning of the century to commemorate their father. After its completion and with a yearly subsidy assuring its conservation, it was donated to the National Gallery, which has been responsible for its museological, scientific and exhibitional equipment.
  Since the aim is the aesthetic, artistic and cultural cultivation of the locals, the Museum's donors have equipped it perfectly, including a permanent exhibition of 40 Greek painters from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as a Greek engravings exhibition as an educational programme. Important pieces of art reflect the efforts of Greek artists to experiment and bring out the essence of the artistic and aesthetic world from which they have been inspired through norm, colour, structure and technique. This affluence indicates quest, tracing, wondering and problems that caused Greek art to take its developing course.

James Papastamos, Director of National Gallery - May 1982 (taken from "KOYMANTAREIOS GALLERY - SPARTA", K. G. Editions, Athens 1982)

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