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Karpenissi Ski Center - Velouchi

Last Update: Dec 2015
Tel.: +30 22370 22002 , Fax: +30 22370 22002
Mobile: +30 6979-727467

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Karpenissi Ski Center - Velouchi - Overview

Mountain: Tymfristos

Altitude: 1840 m up to 2220 m.

Karpenissi Ski Center is located on Tymfristos mountain, in Diavolotopos site.


18 ski slopes of various difficulty's degree, 8,400 m in total lenght, out of which Ioannis Papadopoulos, Iosif Klaoudatos, Alexandros Koudounas, Panagiotis Economou and George Mantzoufas, are of the same difficulty. The rest slopes are 2 different difficulty degree at least.

In details:
  • Ioannis Papadopoulos: Black
  • George Tsekleitsas: Green-Red -Blue
  • Dimitrios Malatos: Blue-Red-Blue-Green
  • Ioannis Liapis: Red-Blue
  • Diomidis Chatzidis: Blue-Red
  • Ioannis Antoniou: Red-Blue Ring
  • Dimitrios Sipsis: Red-Black-Red
  • Theodoros Gravanis: Red-Black-Red
  • Iosif Klaoudatos: Red
  • Alexandros Koudounas: Red
  • Nikolaos Kamaretsos: Red-Blue-Green
  • Kleomenis Lappas: Green-Red-Blue
  • A3: Blue-Red-Green
  • Alexandros Georgalis: Red-Blue-Green
  • Nikolaos Karangounis: Blue-Green
  • Panagiotis Economou: Green Ring
  • Ioannis Lappas: Green-Blue-Green
  • George Mantzoufas: Green Ring
In the Ski Center there are also 4 off-piste runs:
  • Off piste H6: Black-Red
  • Off piste H7: Black-Red
  • Off piste: Red-Black-Blue
  • Off piste: Black


Karpenissi Ski Center has five lifts, with a total capacity of 3,500 persons/hour. Specifically:

  • 4 aerial:
    • Anemos 1 (aerial double seat), 889 m in length - altitude difference 183 m.
    • Anemos 2 (aerial double seat), 757 m in length - altitude difference 78 m.
    • Takis Flengas (aerial double seat), 376 m in length - altitude difference 52 m.
    • Konstantinos Chouliaras (aerial triple seat), 750 m in length - altitude difference 237 m.
  • 1 sliding one seat, Thisseas, 540 m in length - altitude difference 80 m.

Other facilities/services

  • Shelter Takis Flengas of the Hellenic Alpine Club of Karpenissi, with a capacity of 30 persons.
  • Chalet with a capacity of 100 persons.
  • Ice bar - Snow bar, for clubbing at the snow.
  • Snowboard park with a natural Free flow slope.
  • Ski equipment rental store.
  • Snowmobiles rental.
  • Ski school with a baby lift and a special slope.
  • First-aid.
  • Parking lots.

Accessibility/Road network

Asphalt road network links Karpenissi to Ski Center (11 km. distance).
Karpenissi Ski Center has 3 snowploughs and 2 machines for slopes formation and covering with snow.

Operation period

Karpenissi Ski Center operates December till April, daily from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Useful notes

Karpenissi Ski Center is the first ski center that was established by businessmen, in 1974.

Sights/activities in the surrounding area

Evrytania, a region with unique alpine environment and rich cultural and historic heritage, constitutes one of the clearest ecosystem regions worldwide, as UNESCO has declared it, in 1991.
Karpenissi, a capital town, a junction and the core of economic development of Evrytania Prefecture, was founded in later Ottoman years and, today, is the only urban center of the prefecture with an approximate population of 8000 inhabitants.

Karpenissi Ski Center - Velouchi - Map

Executives & Departments

  • Director (of Ski Center Management):
    • Mr Konstantinos Papaioannou
  • Information office, Tel.: 22370 21112

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