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Thermissia Community

Last Update: Jun 2001
Municipality's district consul THERMISSIA , ERMIONI , GREECE
Tel.: +30 27540 41240

Thermissia Community - Overview

  10km from Ermioni, lies a beautiful village by the sea, called Thermissia. The village acquired its name from the temple of Demeter, goddess of Thermassia (Heat; from the heat of the hot water springs), who used to be worshipped in the area and whose temple was built by the sea. Today, a lagoon has been formed in that very spot. In the Middle Ages, some fine salt pans were found here giving rise to all sorts of relevant activities.
  Today, it constitutes an important biotope and a stopping place for rare migratory birds. At the entrance to the village, right opposite the lagoon, stands an imposing rock rising to 350m, on the top of which the Castle of Thermissia has been built. The structures which have survived into the present hint at a Venetian construction of the 12th century. Access to the castle, which is worth exploring, is quite easy.
  Thermissia is mainly an agricultural area abounding in orchards with citrus fruits, apricot and olive trees. At the same time, however, it attracts a great number of tourists for the limpid waters of its sandy beaches that are lined with traditional small tavernas. Along the coastline, smaller settlements known for their garden produce and flowers are laid out in succession. A visit to them is worthwhile: indulging in the fresh sea food of their seaside tavernas and plunging in their waters can be a real treat.
The text is cited March 2004 from the Municipality of Ermioni tourist pamphlet.

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