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Hellenic-American Cultural Ass/tion of Colorado (HACAC)

Τελ. ενημέρωση: Αύγ 2007

c/o Spero A. Leon

Κόμβοι απόδημου Ελληνισμού, Πολιτιστικός οργανισμός/σύλλογος ΝΤΕΝΒΕΡ , ΚΟΛΟΡΑΝΤΟ , ΗΠΑ
Pennsylvania Street 1129 Suite 100 ΝΤΕΝΒΕΡ , ΚΟΛΟΡΑΝΤΟ , ΗΠΑ
Τηλ.: +1 303 7440514, 8307263

Hellenic-American Cultural Ass/tion of Colorado (HACAC) - Περίληψη

The Hellenic-American Cultural Association of Colorado exists to contribute in the dissemination and preservation of Hellenic heritage and culture, past and present, to interested persons, especially the youth, and to instill an understanding of the contributions of the past, its influence on the present, and its contemporary manifestations.

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