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Roman Villa at Riza

Last Update: Jul 2011
Archaeological site RIZA , ZALONGO , GREECE
"Frankoklisia" location, 48100 RIZA , ZALONGO , GREECE
Tel.: +30 26820 89890 , Fax: +30 26820 89891

Roman Villa at Riza - Overview

  The building is decagonal in plan, inscribed in a square (measuring 8 x 8.20 m.) and is preserved almost to the height of the vaulted roof. The interior is decorated with niches, four on the north side and two on the south. Over each niche there is a relieving semi-circular arch. It was part of a large architectural complex, probably an aristocrat's estate, which occupied an area of 2.000 sq.m. on the western side of the Preveza peninsula. It is located at a distance of 500 m. from the natural harbour of Artolithia. The whole complex is dated to the 3rd century B.C. In 1993, the local Ephorate conducted a restricted rescue excavation on the site.

The text is cited from The Ministry of Culture & Tourism Website

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