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Monastery of Agii Pateres

Last Update: Sep 2009
(Est. 1688)
Tel.: +30 22710 79390

Monastery of Agii Pateres - Overview

  This cloister was built in the cave where the three monks who are credited with the establishment of the Nea Moni Monastery, took their monastic vows. In 1688, the cave was give to the monk Jeremiah, who was from Crete, who constructed the Temple and built quarters. In 1868, following Jeremiah’s death, the Holy monk Pahomios, from the village of Elata in Chios, asked for the buildings and converted them into the largest monastic center on the island. Religious painting began to flourish in 1900. Today, four monks live in the Cloister. Entrance is forbidden to women after sunset.

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