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Agios Germanos Community

Last Update: Jan 2001
Municipality's district consul AGIOS GERMANOS , PRESPES , GREECE
Tel.: +30 23850 51419 , Fax: +30 23850 51419

Agios Germanos Community - Overview

  The most traditional village of the area, with houses built in the local architectural style. The homonymous Byzantine church that formed the nucleus of the present village dates to the beginning of the 11th c. It has very interesting frescos painted in three different phases. Nearby, the aisle less church of Agios Athanassios was built at the end of the 18th c. Beside the post office, there is the Information Centre ready to help the visitors with useful information on the area, bird watching sites, hikes and the restrictions imposed in the area. There, one can also see permanent exhibitions about the cultural and environmental aspects of the region. On the northeast of the village, there is the Agios Germanos small river with falls and purling waters hosting the Trout Salmo trutta peristericus, an endangered endemic subspecies. This species has extremeiy iow populations, so fishing is not allowed in the area. One can also see the restored water mills along the river. Following the paths, one can reach the impressive mixed fir-beech forests,and the summits of Kitsevo or Despotiko (2,177m).The Sarakatsani, pastoralists from Thessaly, have the tradition of bringing their herds to graze on these mountains every year from May to October.

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