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Kouveleiki Cave II- Alepohori, Lakonia

Last Update: Jan 2003
Archaeological site, Caves, Cultural heritage ALEPOCHORI , LACONIA , GREECE

Kouveleiki Cave II- Alepohori, Lakonia - Overview

  The B' Kouveleiki Cave is located in the western side of a small village and south of the region defined between Geraki and Alepohori. It is 50 m. far from A' Kouveleiki cave.
  The cave has been developed along the contact of the unterlying metamorphosed volcanic rocks and the overlying dolomitic limestones. Its formation may be attributed to the same erosional process as in the cave A. In addition, it must be pointed out that in the front of the entrance an erosional surface exists. This implies that the formation of the cave has been influenced by the ancient drainage system.
  It consists of only one champer of 15X7X5 m. It becomes narrower and lower in the interior part. At the entrance of the cave a thick archaeological deposit and sparse surface sherds were confirmed. The carbon dating is still in progress.
  The excavation research has started since 1992 and is still in progress. Because of the remarkable geological episodes the work was primarily focused at the entrance of the cave. The findings consist of utility ware (not so fine as in A' Kouveleiki), lithic tools of obsidian (mostly flakes), a burial in situ of a phe-adolescent and a rich collection of archaeozzological materials; those inditate a consistent use of the cave during the Late Neolithic period.
   As in A' Kouveleiki, B' Kouveleiki cave a) becomes of the units of the triptych A'-B' Kouveleiki late-prehistoric open site, to test the model of the differentiating use of sites in the Neolithic period in S. Peloponnese, and b) B' kouveleiki exhibits specific geological phenomena and sedimentological composition which raise certain archaeological implications. It has not been touristically developed; before 1992 it was used as a stable.

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