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Mycenaean Cemetery of Palaiokastro

Last Update: Dec 2005
Archaeological site PALEOKASTRO , GORTYS , GREECE

Mycenaean Cemetery of Palaiokastro - Photo Gallery

Mycenaean Cemetery of Palaiokastro - Overview

  The cemetery was discovered by accident and at present it is fenced. Besides, the procedure of the purchase of the land by the Greek Government has already begun.
  Two Mycenaean cemeteries were excavated in 1955 by the then director of the Ephorate, Prof. Chr. Christou. In 1979, excavations began under the direction of the current director of the Ephorate , Dr. Theodoros Spyropoulos, and they lasted twelve years.
  One hundred rock-cut tombs of different types (tholoi, chamber tombs, pit-graves, cist-graves and graves in the shape of a well) and also a construction used for worship and religious ceremonies have been revealed. This kind of construction was interpreted by the excavator as a Necyomanteion of Late Mycenaean date. Its shape matches the Homeric description found in Iliad (Necyia).
  The numerous finds from the tombs of the cemetery are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Tripolis.

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