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Fortification of Ancient Lilaia

Last Update: Dec 2016
Archaeological site LILEA , PARNASSOS , GREECE

Fortification of Ancient Lilaia - Overview

   The walls of the ancient Phokean city of Lilaia (which was included in the "Catalogue of ships" of the Iliad) were probably built in the years following the reign of Philip of Macedonia, during the reconstruction of all the Phokian acropoles. The ruins of an earlier defensive wall are preserved on the top of the acropolis hill. This might have been the fortification of Lilaia before the city was destroyed by Philip. Several parts of the enceinte were remodelled and additions were made during the period of the Frankish occupation (13th-14th centuries A.D.).
   The only monument on the site is the fortification wall of the lower city of Lilaia, dated to the end of the 4th century B.C. The wall is built in trapezoidal masonry and is reinforced with rectangular towers at intervals.

Fortification of Ancient Lilaia - Map

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