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Archaeological Site of Kambos

Last Update: Aug 2009
Archaeological site KAMBOS , EVDILOS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22750 32935 , Fax: +30 22750 32935

Archaeological Site of Kambos - Overview

  The Kambos archaeological zown occupies the site of ancient Oinoe, which was inhabited from the Mycenaean to the Late Roman / Byzantine period.
  The nucleus of the site comprises the Odeion, the Late Roman aqueduct and an Early Byzantine secular building known as the "Palaces".
  The Odeion is an edifice belonging to late antiquity of exceptional construction, with stone-built walling and typical large arches. It was restored by the Archaeological Service in 1978-1980.
  The Kambos archaeological zone has recently been enlarged and mapped. Ten more archaeological sites have also been scheduled on Ikaria and Fournoi.

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Ancient settlement • Ancient historical times, 1050 BC- AD 324
Ancient monuments • Aqueduct / Roman period, 31 BC-AD 324 • Odeum / Roman period, 31 BC-AD 324

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