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Castle of Assos

Last Update: Dec 2005
Castles & Fortresses ASSOS , KEFALLONIA , GREECE

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Castle of Assos - Overview

  The construction of the castle of Assos started in 1585, when local ambassadors asked the Venetians to build a second castle for the better protection of the island.
  The area was chosen because the peninsula is extremelly precipitous so it’s not easy to be conquired by sea after a naval attack. Assos became the capital of the northern part of the island and the castle is a typical masterpiece of the Renaissance.
  The aim to establish residents failed due to its far-off position. A century later, in 1684, the Venetians reconquired Lefkas and the castle lost its strategical importance. It operated until 1943 as an agricultural prison.
  Today, one can still see the ruins of the walls, the house of the Venetian chief-master, military buildings and St Marco's church. The Ministry of Culture works for the protection and conservation of the castle which for centuries hulks over the Ionian sea, offering a magnificent view to all directions.

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