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Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus

Last Update: Sep 2019
(Est. 1897)
Tel.: +30 27530 22009
Opening hours:
00Sep - 00Sep Mon-Sun, 0800-1900
00Nov - 00Mar Mon-Sun, 0800-1700

Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus - Photo Gallery

Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus - Overview

  The museum is located in the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Asclepius. It hosts architectural parts from the temple and the buildings of the shrine, as well as inscribed columns and pedestals, altars, bronze medical equipment, sculpted votive offerings and tablets, representations of the Asclepius temple (4th c. BC), and sections of the Tholos. The museum was built by P. Kavadias during the period 1902-1909. More wings were constructed in time to house the sculptures, the pottery and the collection of inscriptions that came progressively came to light during the excavations on the site.
  Some of the most important exhibits include:
•Side section of the Propylaea of the Asclepius temple
•Entablature of the Asclepius and Artemis temple
•Bronze medical equipment
•Statue of Asclepius
•Headless female statue

Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus - Map

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Museum • Archaeological Museum
Visiting Information • Fixed hours / Admission fee
Museum exhibits • Tools • Statues / Marble • Inscriptions • Reliefs • Antefix-acroterion • Architectural sculptures
Periods of the exhibits • Archaic period, 700-480 BC • Classical period, 480-323 BC • Hellenistic period, 323-31 BC • Roman period, 31 BC-AD 324

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