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Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Listed traditional settlement, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Cape, Underwater archaeological site, Historic place, Municipal district, Bay
Other Names: PISKARDO (Frankish domination name)
Postal Code: 28084
Tel +30 26740
Altitude: 52 meters
Longitude: 20o 34' 31" E
Latitude: 38o 27' 47,52" N

Ferry lines that operate to the port

Shipping Companies Agents
West Ferry Mar. Co. (FI) Nautilus Shipping Agency
(Shipping Agent)
Tel: +30 26740 41440
Fax: +30 26740 41470

Useful Information (6)

 Port Authority
Port Authority Station of Fiskardo
Tel: +30 26740 41400Fax: +30 26740 41400
Police Station of Fiskardo
Tel: +30 26740 41460
 Port information
Fiskardo Port
Ministry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://www.yen.gr/ports/Html_Files/m_226.asp GreekMinistry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://egov.yen.gr/Folder.2003-07-23.3654/Folder.2... Greek
 Responsible police authority
Police Station of Fiskardo
Tel: +30 26740 41460
 Medical care
Vassilikiades Medical Centre
Tel: +30 26740 51203
 Port agents
Nautilus Shipping Agency
Tel: +30 26740 41440Fax: +30 26740 41470

Local governments (1)

 Municipalities' district offices
Fiskardo Community
  Fiscardo is situated in the most northern point of the island opposite the island of Ithaka and is famous for its traditional architecture and its cosmopolitan port.
  It is one of the most important tourist and holiday destinations of the island with soundly organised tourist background.
  Many yachts arrive at Fiscardo's port where their owners most of the times decide to stay for the rest of their holiday.
  Something similar happened to crusader Robert Guiscard from whom Fiscardo took its name, who arrived in 1085 in order to conquer the island, but finally stayed and lived in Fiscardo for the rest of his life. Most of the mansions (stately houses) one can see in Fiscardo belong to the Venetian architecture era.

Selected tourism enterprises (1)

 Travel agencies
Danae Travel Bureau
Tel: +30 210 3247512Fax: +30 210 3221717

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