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Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Natural harbour
Postal Code: 49082
Tel +30 26620
Altitude: 71 meters
Longitude: 20o 8' 9,93" E
Latitude: 39o 14' 13,03" N

Useful Information (1)

Responsible port authority

Port Authority Station of Paxi

Tel: +30 26620 32533, 32259, Fax: +30 26620 32259

Local governments (1)

Municipalities' district offices

Lakka Community

The village of Lakka took its name from its position. Its houses are built at a low elevation and close to the sea. The view from the lighthouse is superb. It is worth visiting the Ellinospito, a kind of fort, where the locals sought refuge when pirates came to the island. Similarly of interest is the Ipapandis Church, built in 1774. Renaissance elements can be seen in its ornamentation. One could also visit the Sea Cave of Ipapandis, which is said to communicate with the church and with the Grammatikos Mansion.

Selected tourism enterprises (1)

Travel agencies

Danae Travel Bureau

Tel: +30 211 3247512, Fax: +30 211 3221717

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